Khun Mae Kaew’s Biography

While we do find the way to be free from suffering matters, thus we do recommend others to be free from suffering like we do as well.

Dr. Nalinrat Sutthithammawit (Khun Mae Kaew)


Dr. Nalinrat Sutthithammawit
(Khun Mae Kaew),

an abbess of Buddhasawika Buddhist Meditation Center.

She was born on January 5th, 1953 in Chai Nat province. She is the third child of her family. Her mother was named Mrs. Pin Duangsaeng and her father was named Mr. Samran Duangsaeng. Her parents are Buddhists and always make merit. She absorbs her parents’ behavior since she was young and also continues making merit and devoting to Buddhism until present.

When she was 18 years old, she asked her parents’ permission to become a nun on February 10th, 1971. An abbot Pin Chanatidhammo, who is her preceptor with the determination to become a nun has been a first student of Father “Sangwal Kemko” continuously for more than 25 years.

February 10th, 1971, she stayed at Wat Nuea, T. Praksriracha, A. Sawankaburi, Chai Nat for 3 months.

From June, 1971 to 1988, she followed a reverend father “Sangwal Kemko” to do meditation at Wat Klaikangwol and Wat Tungsamakkeedhamma at Kaosarapaddee.

From the year 1988 to 2000, she did a meditation retreat on Kao Keaw Mountain in Chonburi province.

From the year 2000 to 2002, she did meditation retreat with a mother superior named “Ampan Netwong ” at Wat Yankad in Pitsanulok province.

In the year of 2002, she established the Buddhasawika Buddhist Meditation Center, at Banbung in Chonburi province to welcome the group of people who intend to ordain Nekkhamma or do meditation retreat.

In the year of 2009 until the present, she has established Wat Thai Buddhasawika at Bodhagaya in India for welcoming a group of monks, nuns and pilgrims.

Buddhist Proverbs and Useful Dhamma Ideas
  • Doing good deeds or make merit is better than using Love potion
  • Being sincere is more worth than using black magic
  • Being Honest is more worth than doing incantation
  • Incantation is unsustainable for human life
  • Virtue is durable
  • Good relationship with generosity will be continued until the next life
  • Badness will cause non long lasting relationship
  • Lovers love each other because of his or her good deed inside his or her mind, No one loves each other because of his or her badness and this will cause of distrustfulness
  • Being with merit will make you feel relaxation, thus being with badness will make you feel distrustfulness

Dharma Philosophy

  • While we find the way to be free from suffering thus recommend others to be free from suffering as well. Our action in helping others will benefit us to meet good things in our lives.
  • Don’t be afraid of any ghosts because the worst ghosts still scare our mind at all time.
  • Be intended to make good merit from your heart. Don’t do good merit to show off others or desire for prestige.
  • Please believe in doing good deeds because goodness will support or make our lives all the best. Likewise Dharma protects those who practice Dharma.
  • The doctrines of the Lord of Buddha can be provable because his doctrines actually happened in the real world such as the Four Noble Truths of Sufferings, Buddhists proverbs etc. Furthermore, his doctrines will help his disciples or people to be free from suffering, feel happy like never before, peace in mind and be able to adapt these doctrines into their daily lives as well.
  • The one who will successfully help others to be free from suffering must have equanimity, wait for the right time to help the afflicted person and use his or her own intelligence to analyze the problem. Also he or she must realize that the animal world is according to Karma.
  • Dharma practitioner must look at his or herself only, always keep peace of mind, don’t look for trouble because any trouble will cause his or her Dharma practice does not much progress and will not benefit for every Dharma practitioner.